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      Don’t be fooled by cheap ads. Does anyone really think they will get their carpets cleaned for $2.95 a room? or even $9.95??? Of Course NOT! No Company is going to only charge you $15 to come Clean 5 rooms! They wouldn’t be in business spending $15 in gas to show up. Plus they have to pay their Technician to do the work. These “Splash and Dash” companies can do more damage than good. Here’s how they work.

$15 to show up to your house.
$2.95 Per Room to be cleaned: 5 rooms upto 150sqft  = $15 plus extras
$0.35 per square foot IF YOUR CARPETS LOOK DIRTY. (If your calling for a carpet cleaner then it’s a very good chance your carpets “look” dirty) For preconditioning! Now lets say these 5 rooms are all 150 square feet in size. That’s going to cost you: 262.50! just to precondition!! If they don’t use preconditioner they are just throwing Water on your carpet and sucking it up! AKA Rinsing!!
$20 per room for a Truck Mounted (Best Cleaning available) equipment. That’s $150! Truck mounted equipment lets them properly sanitize your Carpets! Being able to obtain the “Hot Steam” that sanitizes the carpet while they “flush out with water” the dirt and grime! It’s also powerful enough to remove all the water that they have soaked your carpets with. Making it so your carpets will dry in 2-4 hours, not 2-4 days.

So lets recap here: $15 to show up, $15 for the rooms, $262.50 for PreConditioner, $150 for TruckMounted Equipment for sanitation and proper water extraction.

Total Cost of the “cheap ad” $442.50! or MORE! WHAT?!

I thought I called to get the $15 Advertised price! Yes this is how they work. Since they put in their ad that they charge these things, (Read your ad carefully)It’s not ‘bait and switch’ but it sure FEELS LIKE IT!

I showed up: INCLUDED (kinda hard to clean if I don’t show up)
5 areas (upto 200sqft ea.) $35 per Area (bedrooms, familyroom etc.)
                                                                    $175 plus extras.
Truck Mount Equipment for proper water extraction and sanitation: INCLUDED!
Oh-- Visibly Dirty Carpets (Needs Preconditioning)
                       …. Isn’t that why you called me? ALWAYS INCLUDED.

Crazy Kleen: Only $175!

What are “EXTRAS”? Lets say for example you rented out your house and they trashed your carpet. Red stains everywhere. Dirt, Grime, etc. turning your light brown carpet into  what now looks like a garage floor with fuzz on it. Or perhaps you just have heavily soiled carpeting that requires a “rotory” cleaning extraction tool. This would cost ‘extra’ since this isn’t “normal” wear and tear or a normal cleaning. Pet stains, and Pet odors are an ‘extra’ typically, depending on severity etc. Thus not included in regular cleaning. Red stains require more knowledge and experience to remove (which we have and remove) and isn’t included in a regular cleaning so it’s “extra.” Carpet Repairs, such as stretching, spot dyes, patching of frayed or damaged areas. are “extra” those are the typical items that don’t come included with a regular cleaning. Of course this isn’t a complete list, their are a plethora of different issues that are a possibility in each home since everyone lives in a different way etc.

Questions & Answers:

Q: "The carpet doesn't look dirty enough to have it cleaned at this time."

A: Some carpets do hide soil more than others. It does not mean there is no soil to be removed. All soil, whether hidden or not, acts as an abrasive. It can result in early wear, loss of fiber protection, and even some loss of color.

Q: "I was told to wait a few years before having my carpets cleaned. 'They' said, once you have them cleaned, you always have to have them cleaned!"

A: Check your paperwork. Carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpets cleaned by a trained and qualified professional at a minimum of every 12 months. (I recommend at least every 6 months in Arizona. we have so much abrasive sand and dirt) The problem many consumers face is the fact that many companies use a high-residual detergent that remains in the carpet long after they leave, and it continues to attract soil, causing your carpets to get dirty fast. We use biodegradable Pet Friendly Child Safe carpet cleaning agents. So you know that your carpets are clean and safe for your family.

Q: "They said Steam-Cleaning will ruin my carpets!"

A: Many carpet cleaning companies use Hot-Water Extraction (Steam-Cleaning).  It is recommended by the leading carpet manufacturers. Which is why we use this method. According to IICRC Standards, carpets should be fully dry within 24 hours.

Q: "I was told that once I have my carpets cleaned, I do not need to have any carpet protectant applied. It has built-in stain resistance."

A: Most of the residential installation of carpet these days are stain resist. But no carpet is ever "stain-proof", but added carpet protectants, when properly applied, will enhance stain resistance to accidental spills and spots. It will also help remove more dry soil during vacuuming. So not only does it help protect your carpets from future stains and soiling, We offer this as part of our service to better protect your investment.

Q: "I shouldn't have to pay a lot for carpet cleaning."

A: Never select a carpet cleaning company solely based on price. Carpet cleaning is not as cheap as some would like for you to think. Their technique is to advertise a low price to get you to call them, so they can push their low quality, ineffective goods at higher prices than what the real professionals charge. Thorough carpet cleaning is not cheap, but it will extend the useful life of your investment and care for your carpeting in a way that will save you money in the long run. We think we have very competitively priced services. Call today and find out what we can do for you.


Carpet Cleaning Tips

 Nothing is more important for maintaining beautiful, long lasting carpet than vacuuming. Dry soil is abrasive and can actually damage carpet fibers, causing accelerated wear. In addition to creating a dingy, poor appearance, it will also diminish the effectiveness of your stain-resistant protective coating. A vacuum with a beater bar will give the best results. It is also good to vacuum to maintain good air quality.

Spot Removal: 
When removing spots, always pre-test the spot remover on a hidden area of your carpet or fabric. Apply a small amount and blot it with a clean white cloth. If any color appears on your cloth or you see any color change, do not use the spot remover. After testing, apply the spot remover to your cloth, and then blot it onto the spot. Repeat until the spot is gone. Next, rinse by wetting the cloth with water and blotting it onto the area. Then, with a clean dry cloth.

Carpet and Fabric Protection
: Carpet and fabric protection helps to extend the life of your carpets and upholstery by making the removal of dirt easier and by helping restore stain blocking performance for easier food and spot removal. Ask your professional carpet cleaner for recommendations.

Clean Up Spills Immediately
: The quicker you attend to a spill, the easier it is to remove. Always blot the spill. Use a clean, white absorbent cloth. Never rub or use a brush. Rubbing can actually make the stain worse and permanently alter the look of the carpet fiber or fabric.

Entrance Mats
: Using entrance mats inside and outside of doorways will reduce the amount of soil brought onto your carpet. As much as 75% of the dirt and grime in your carpet is tracked-in soil.

Professional Cleaning
: Periodically, have your carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned. Most carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction as the best method for cleaning carpet, and many require periodic hot water extraction cleaning as a warranty requirement. Do not use do-it-yourself wet shampooing or dry cleaning methods on carpets. They can leave a residue which actually attracts and holds dirt.

After Cleaning Care: 
Immediately Following the Cleaning of Your Carpet and Upholstery,
Some Simple Precautions Should Be Taken For The Best Results

• Keep children and pets off cleaned carpet until completely dry.

• Keep traffic to a minimum on the carpet for 24 hours.

• Do not remove any pads or blocks the cleaning technician may have placed under your furniture until the carpet is completely dry. This will prevent rust spots or stains from furniture legs or metal casters.

• Drying times vary due to a number of factors, i.e., the humidity, the density of your carpet or fabric of your upholstery, etc. Ventilation and air circulation will help to reduce drying time. Drying times vary but will be reduced under ideal weather conditions and increase in extremely cold or humid conditions.